The Regulation EU No 650/2012 envisages that the Certificate of Inheritance should constitute a valid document for the recording of succession property in a register of a Member State (recital 18).

Following previous approaches, ELRN has found diversity in the LR systems. It was found that this Certificate may be enough itself for registration, or may be enough together with additional requirements or deeds, or not enable it at all.

Considering this information, the following fact sheet includes the legal answers of the impact of the Certificate for the purposes of registration in different LR systems.

This fact sheet is divided into 2 chapters:

Edited 2014
Updated 2017

For your consideration:

EU publications: Practice Guide on Successions

Cross-border successions

A citizen’s guide : how EU rules simplify international inheritances

This guide is intended for anyone involved in or affected by a cross-border succession, particularly those planning their own succession and heirs. It is a practical guide that aims to answer the most commonly asked questions. The guide does not cover every possible scenario; you are thus advised to consult a professional in cross-border successions to discuss the details of your specific situation.

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This Fact Sheet contains only basic information and any interested person should consult a legal specialist for further information.

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