Generally, people get in touch with the land registration system at least once in a lifetime. Whether it concerns the purchase of a property, the mortgage or the succession, the property registration system is directly or indirectly involved. Sometimes it’s necessary only simple, basic and easily obtained information, while other times it is necessary complex, related and thoroughly construed information. This depends on the available information in the system and on the expertise of the one researching it.

Which is the available information? How can it be accessed? What is the value of this information? There is no general answer for all land registration systems in Europe, but every system must be elaborated separately in order to get the right answer. Moreover, the depth of the answers varies depending on the level of knowledge in the field and everyone’s needs. On the other hand, the dynamics of national and European legislation must be considered, so that the answers to the questions that might arise regarding Land Registry to be not only correct but current.

Considering these grounds, ELRN of ELRA has elaborated more fact sheets aimed to provide answers to the specific questions on land registration.

The first fact sheet refers to formal publicity and contains information regarding the manner and the conditions to get information from land registry, how and where can it be used, the content and effects arisen from the interaction with land registration system.

This fact sheet is structured in 3 chapters:

Each chapter has more sections. The first chapter approaches matters on the access to land registration system both in terms of legal and administrative point of view, how to obtain information from the system and the manner of providing it. The second chapter deals with the content of the information. It also describes the structure of the existent information in land registration system. The third chapter approaches the effect of interaction with land registration system and the legal value of the obtained information.

The information is updated by the contact points of ELRA which are land registrars currently using this information.

Edited 2011
Updated 2017

This Fact Sheet contains only basic information and any interested person should consult a legal specialist for further information.

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