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5th Training Session IMOLA II Project

The 5th Training Session of the IMOLA II project was held in Brussels on the 23rd May 2019.

This seminar brought together national authorities designed as Contact Points (CPs) of the European Land Registry Network (ELRN).

The objectives of the seminar were the following:

– Closing learning according to training index
– Analisys of deliverables received
– Overal overview of papers
– Final adjustments targets
– Review final LR domain ontology
– Input system KM final versión: get used
– How to make the best of ELRN web platform
– LRI integration preliminary test

In the opening session, Jesús Camy, IMOLA II Project Manager, explained the state of play of the IMOLA II project.

On this occasion, Mihai Taus, Land Registrar from Romania, presented the experience of the IMOLA project on the World bank Seminar, and Professor Anabel Fraga, from the Carlos III University of Madrid, explained how to define associations and synonyms using the Knowledge Manager.

Then, a practical session about how to create relationships by means of KM took place, and a round table devoted to customized analysis and feedback of the CPs information achieved.

To finish this 5th Training Session, the pending tasks and schedule calendar were presented to the CPs.

All the people involved in the IMOLA II project will have the opportunity to share their IMOLA experiences in a collective e-book, which will be launched at the IMOLA II closing conference, to be held in Brussels on the 19th September 2019.

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