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The ELRN (European Land Registry Network) was set up in 2010 by the members of ELRA. It was designed to resemble the EJN, in order to facilitate mutual cooperation and even possible future integration. Currently, 29 ELRA members from 22 European countries have joined the Network. Each organization appoints a registrar, that is, a land registry officer expert in property rights and land registration, as its contact point for the Network.

The Network is coordinated by a working team within ELRA, and it has a public and a private area.

  • The public area is devoted to the general public and its purpose is to establish and maintain an information system for the public via an ELRN website.
  • The private area comprises tools for internal cooperation between registrars. The scope of cooperation includes facilitating contacts with local authorities issuing cross border documents that reach Land Registry offices. It also includes the exchange of information between registrars about domestic law. The contact points also receive specific training on EU law.
  • At a second stage the Network will be opened for cooperation with EU authorities and legal professionals. The purpose of this cooperation is to provide them with adequate knowledge for a proper understanding of land registries.

It will also be the task of the contact points to advise EU authorities, judges, notaries and other legal professionals about how to draft documents in a way that complies with local land registration law, so as to ensure the entry of the relevant acts in the land register.

It must be highlighted that the creation of this major co-operation instrument is possible thanks to the fact that all of the Land Registries in Europe, regardless of how they are organized, include a technical corps of specialists, the registrars, carrying out the legal functions inherent to the decision of entering deeds and other titles on the Land Registry.

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