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Welcome to the European Land Registry Network (ELRN), an initiative from the European Land Registry Association.

The ELRN was set up in 2010 by the members of ELRA. Currently, 29 associations from 22 European countries have joined it.

Each organization appoints a registrar, that is, a land registry officer expert in property rights and land registration, as its contact point for the Network.

The aim of the ELRN is to provide the tools that facilitate a friendly access to Land Registry services at European level, providing the general public with relevant and useful information about land registration within the European Union and offering information to better understand the registration systems of the different jurisdictions.

The ELRN is an essential cooperation instrument for the implementation of the Regulation on Succession and other European initiatives. It also gives assistance to other European legal networks made up of judges, bailiffs, lawyers, notaries and other legal practitioners involved every day in LR matters.

Network of Contact Points is available via this website to provide an easy and effective hub, where information and requests for assistance from users and officials of one country will be forwarded to the intended recipient of another.

The Network is supported by the European Commission within the framework program on Civil Justice as part of the General Programme ‘Fundamental Rights and Justice’, in order to contribute to the strengthening of the area of Freedom, Security and Justice.

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