ELRN Workshops

Brussels, 20th September 2019

The last seminar of the European Land Registry Network was held in Brussels on Friday 20th September with the participation of the Contact Points from 16 EU countries.

Thanks to the cooperation of the ELRN with the EJN, ELRA had the honor to welcome judges from Italy, Portugal, Poland and Spain.

Moderated by Luisa Clode, ELRA Secretary General, the ELRN Contact Points and Judges discussed about the follow-up on article 28; registering rights derived from acts between a married person and a third party, topic presented by David Fridh, Member of the ELRA Board.

Fernando de la Puente, ELRA President, presented the impact of the European Certificate of Succession on the Land Registries, and Paula Pott, Judge from Portugal, the judicial and non-judicial functions within the meaning of the EU Succession Regulation.

The Regulation (EU) 2016/1191 on promoting the free movement of citizens by simplifying the requirements for presenting certain public documents in the EU was presented from two different approaches: Marta Rekawek, presented it from the Land Registry perspective, and Judge Peter Trzeciakowski, from a judicial vision.

Finally, Gabriel Alonso, Spanish Land Registrar, presented the Proposal for a Regulation on law applicable to the third-party effects of assignments of claims, whose preliminary questionnaire the ELRN Contact points had already answered.

Brussels, 29th November 2018

The last seminar of the Network in 2018 was held in Brussels last Thursday 29 November with the participation of the all Contact Points of the Network and a new member, the Registry Agency of the Ministry of Justice of Bulgaria represented by Teodora Georgieva.

Special mention for the presence of Katerina Entcheva from DG Justice of the European Commission and her participation in the panel concerning the Regulation on matrimonial property regimen.

Thanks to the cooperation of the ELRN with the EJN, we had the participation of judges from Portugal, Spain and Italy who qualified some aspects related to the practice of recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in the light of the Brussels I Regulation.

At the afternoon session, two speakers presented the property as a fundamental right from two different perspectives: the European Court of Justice and the modern constitutionalism and we closed the Workshop with one of the demanding topics nowadays: Land Registry and new Technologies


Land Registry, Human Rights and the State

Land Registry with New Technologies


Warsaw, 28th September 2018

A European Land Registry Network (ELRN) workshop was organised in Warsaw on 28 September during the meeting held as part of the development of the IMOLA project.

The workshop focused on the study of the Regulation on Matrimonial Regimes and the property consequences of registered partnerships through practical cases presented by four contact points providing different points of view, as well as the presentation of the application of the Brussels I Regulation by judge Michele Cuccaro, from the Court of Rovereto (Italy).

In order to continue the debate on Blockchain and its influence on the legal panorama and more specifically on the land registry,  Silvino Navarro, land registrar and expert in the topic, was invited as speaker

Tallin 1st June 2018

Hosted by the Estonian Ministry of Justice, the last Workshop of the European Land Registry Network (ELRN) took place in Tallinn on Friday 1st June.

It was attended by the Contact Points of the ELRN and Judges from Portugal, Spain, Italy and Poland. Special mention should be made by the presence of Vivien White, President of the European Union of Rechtspfleger.

The Workshop was divided into three main parts: the follow up of the European concerning land registration matters, where the Regulation on Matrimonial Property Regimes was discussed, the study of some sentences by the Court of Justice of the EU, such as the Kubicka case (C-218/16), and Blockchain, one of the topics of greatest interest for ELRA.

In addition, the Contact Points discussed about the e-conveyancing questionnaire, launched by the University of Maastricht.

This ELRN Workshop was an excellent opportunity to strengthen relations among the ELRN Contact Points, and design common future plans for the Network.


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