ELRN Workshop

Tallin 1st June 2018

Hosted by the Estonian Ministry of Justice, the last Workshop of the European Land Registry Network (ELRN) took place in Tallinn on Friday 1st June.

It was attended by the Contact Points of the ELRN and Judges from Portugal, Spain, Italy and Poland. Special mention should be made by the presence of Vivien White, President of the European Union of Rechtspfleger.

The Workshop was divided in three main parts: the follow up of the European concerning land registration matters, where the Regulation on Matrimonial Property Regimes was discussed, the study of some sentences by the Court of Justice of the EU, such as the Kubicka case (C-218/16), and Blockchain, one of the topics of greatest interest for ELRA.

In addition, the Contact Points discussed about the e-conveyancing questionnaire, launched by the University of Maastricht.

This ELRN Workshop was an excellent opportunity to strengthen relations among the ELRN Contact Points, and design common future plans for the Network.