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To support foreign notaries the system Netpro has been developed. Netpro contains a map search facility to select the relevant Land Register in Spain. A foreign notary can hire support from a Netpro assistant. Netpro assistants are local specialists, who help in fulfilling formalities and preventing pitfalls for foreign buyers. The Netpro assistant collects information from the Land Registry (in Spain, a foreign notary, who knows the identification of the plot of land and knows what Land Registry is involved, can collect Land Registry information himself by means of the system LINE. EULIS does not support collecting information from the Cadastre, on public limitations, and watchdog information), collects information from the Cadastre, collects information on public limitations and helps to fulfill tax formalities. Also the Netpro assistants can fulfill the «watchdogfunction» to verify submissions involving the same plot

For more information on the helpdesk in general, view the presentation at the Crobeco conference.

For information on the helpdesk in Spain video Ms. Maria Jose Cobos Mayorga:

The helpdesk in Portugal can be contacted via email address For more information on the helpdesk and legal system in Portugal see video:
Professor Doutor Dário Moura Vicente, University Lisbon

and Ms. Filomena Gaspar Rosa, Portuguese Registrar

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