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June 19, 2007 /

Brussels, 15th June 2007
Dear Members,

As you may remember, at the last ELRA meeting on 23-24 April, Mr. Joao Simoes de Almeida, Secretary of the European Justice Network (EJN) in civil and commercial matters, proposed that a link to ELRA be included on the EJN website. This proposal was unanimously approved by the General Assembly and, as the ELRA Secretariat; we are proceeding with the formalities to establish the link.

The EJN, established in 2001 by the European Council, consists of representatives of the Member States’ judicial and administrative authorities; this body meets several times each year to exchange information and experience, and boost cooperation between the Member States in matters of civil and commercial law.

For your information, the EJN website can be found at:

We are delighted to be included amongst other European judicial associations on the EJN website, as it is an indication that ELRA has now become recognized as the representative of land registries in the European Union.

Best regards,

José Simeón Rodríguez
ELRA President

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