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June 8, 2018 /

2nd Training Session IMOLA II Project
Tallinn, 31st May 2018

On May 31st the 2nd IMOLA II training seminar was held in Tallinn. It was presented the new version of Knowledge Manager, (KM) a technological solution, based on a web platform, that will allow the ELRN Contact Points to create and keep updated a thesaurus with the metadata to enrich the Land Registers information in order to enhance its understanding and transparency.

This input system, developed by Reuse Company with the support of the Carlos III University of Madrid, has been engineered according to the European Land Registers Document (ELRD), a common template with a friendly structure to facilitate the work of ELRN Contact Points and the interaction among different controlled vocabularies which are linked by means of thesaurus and aligned with ISA core vocabularies to assure its interoperability.

The training sessions brought out the importance of teamwork. This target was achieved by developing a collaborative environment that allows an active involvement of the Contact Points in the project with the aftermath of a mutual and efficient feedback between the Land Register experts, technicians and semantic engineers to accomplish this innovative and transversal approach in order to develop a Land Register juridical ecosystem. IMOLA II is an ELRA button up project at the service of European citizens.

Legal terminology and comparative law: the role of the operational rules
Prof. Dr. Avv. Elena Ioriatti, Professor of Comparative Law, Trento University, Faculty of Law.

Abstract: One of the aims of comparative law is that of giving a contribution to the knowledge and understanding of the different legal systems of the world. Further more


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