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This e-book is a dissemination of the IMOLA II Project (Interoperability Model for Land Registers).

Developed by ELRA and supported by the Justice Program of the European Commission, the main objective of the IMOLA II project is the interconnection of Land Registries and the harmonization of LR information.

This interconnection of Land Registries is based on a harmonized registration information with a common semantic model, instrumentalized through the ELRD (European Land Register Document) as a common template and aligned with the European Interoperability Scheme and a repository containing the Land Register context specific core vocabulary.

The e-book reflects the principles of collaboration and consensus, pillars of the IMOLA II project, and all the actors involved in the project have taken part.

The IMOLA e-book has been structured in four large sections:

  • Contributions of an institutional nature,
  • Works focused on the global management of the Project,
  • Articles from Academics,
  • Contributions by the Contact Points of the European Land Registry Network (ELRN) and the European Judicial Network (EJN).

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