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June 3, 2019 /

Dear friends and colleagues,

It is an honor to receive the confidence of the ELRA General Assembly to become the new President. Thank you very much.

ELRA was born in 2004 to fill the gap and give voice to the representatives of the different Land Registry systems of the EU Member States in order to defend their common interests in the scope of the European Union.

In its beginnings, the association focused on the dissemination among its own members the diversity of existing systems and solutions at European level in relation to the Land Registry. ELRA started a dissemination work with the European authorities of the relevant role that the institution of the Land Registry has in the field of economic development and, consequently, in the internal market. This function did not always find an adequate institutional reception due to the limitations of the EU itself in the scope of the Land Registry work (current Article 345 of the Consolidated Text of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU).

The continuous work of the different representatives of ELRA working closely with the European Commission for the better achievement of the purposes of the EU ,has allowed to transfer to the EU Institutions the importance and impact of the work carried out daily in the Land Registries for the development of the European area of freedom, security and justice. In this way, ELRA has been heard and consulted in the preparation of different EU impact instruments in relation to the Land Registry.

For some years, ELRA’s work has taken a quantitative leap in developing, through a novel methodology, the European Commission’s policy in the field of interconnection and institutional interoperability as a means of expanding the internal market and the exercise of the citizens’ freedom.

This new action of ELRA, far from constituting a deviation from its initial function, constitutes its natural development and hence it is stated in the articles of the association (article 3; high level and specific objectives).

It is up to the new Board of Directors to manage this essential task in order to complete it by making ELRA a trusted partner of the EC in a moment when important EU actions in the area of Land Registry are announced.

All this without prejudice to the maintenance of the ELRA ordinary tasks and its vocation to group all the Land Registry systems existing in the EU. The possibility that for the first time an MS leaves the EU implies a challenge for ELRA and for its Board, that will implement the necessary proposals so that an enriching collaboration can continue.

The consolidation of ELRA as the EU interlocutor in Land Registry matters is enriched by the incorporation of prestigious academic institutions in the study of the Land Registry. This selective incorporation of institutions, subject to prior approval by the ELRA General Assembly, shall strengthen the association that will benefit from its prestige, heritage and influence, establishing a flow of knowledge transmission for mutual benefit.

It is the obligation of the new ELRA Board of Directors to channel this stage of consolidation, contributing both to preserve the legal essence of the association and to promote it as a trusted partner of the EU. The Board will put all their efforts in the absolute belief that the Land Registries of all the MS constitute an essential piece of legal security and expansion of the economic welfare for EU citizens.

With kind regards,

Brussels, 29th May 2019


Fernando de la Puente

ELRA President

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