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January 13, 2017 /


The preliminary study about Marine Cadastre in Europe has been commissioned by the 5 Common Vision Partners: PCC, EULIS, CLGE, Eurogeographics and ELRA.

The five leading European organizations dealing with Cadastre, Land Registry, Mapping and Surveying issues acknowledge the great potential of the Blue Economy in Europe, as well as the impact of efficient planning and a better allocation of human activities in the sea and their interrelation to a sound registry system as a basis for legal certainty. These organizations decided in June 2014 in Athens to join forces to collectively better understand the Marine Cadastre concept and its role.

In this regard, a project team consisting of experts either affiliated with the 5 Common Vision Partnersor with universities and institutes in EU Member States was founded to carry out a preliminary study, with an orientating character, aiming at reviewing the status of the Marine Cadastre across the European Union.

The objective of this study is to raise awareness about the topic of the Marine Cadastre and to trigger the discussion about its potential benefits in Europe’s Blue Economy.

In order to meet the objective of raising this awareness and stressing the need for action on investigating further the potential benefits of the Marine Cadastre in the Blue Economy, the project was based on primary and secondary research criteria and encompassed three major tasks: The first task included the design and dissemination of a questionnaire through communication channels of the 5 Common Vision partners to national experts. The second task included the documentation of the current legislative and policy framework of the European Union as well as of related EU’s initiatives and tools to support maritime policies. The third task encompassed the analysis and synthesis of relevant research, data and information on the topic of the Marine Cadastre worldwide.