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Javier Gómez Gálligo

Javier Gómez Gálligo

Present and future of the mortgage as security

January 1, 2013 /

Javier Gómez Gálligo Attorney, Directorate-General of Registries and Notarial Affairs Standing Member of the Codes Commission Approach The mortgage financing model is on its last legs. And it will topple unless measures are taken, and quickly, for its reform. This is not only because of the current financial crisis, which has caused credit in general […]

Transparency and information asymmetry in the allocation of contractual risks

January 1, 2011 /

I. Financial crisis: Lack of control? The current financial crisis gives us the opportunity to think about the role control institutions ought to have in markets. The debate between regulation and complete deregulation seems to have gone to those who uphold the need for a legal system that provides preventive security and avoids excessive risks. […]

Spanish property registration law

April 23, 2010 /

Javier Gómez Gálligo THE PROPERTY REGISTRY Property registration law is the legal discipline that studies everything concerning the operation and effects of the Property Registry. The Property Registry is a juristic registry. Juristic registries report facts or circumstances, but they also have legal effects; that is, they add effects to any juristic act that is registered (For example, because of these added effects, a […]

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