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Jacques Vos

Jacques Vos

Creating boundaries: the (un)limited possibilities measured

January 1, 2015 /

In this contribution, the difference between physical, legal, and cadastral boundaries will be explained. Afterwards, the introduction of provisional cadastral boundaries will be discussed in greater detail.

Using European legislation & electronic means in Cross-border conveyancing;

January 1, 2014 /

In times when techniques are rapidly advancing, the need to reduce administrative burdens – especially in times of financial crises – is becoming a priority. Public authorities try to find a ways to cut costs. It is important that lawyers help to recover the real estate market by improving confidence and cut costs where and when possible. Therefore, the transfer of ownership and mortgaging an immovable should be as efficiently as possible, both in a Member State and cross-border.

Authentic Registers in The Netherlands

January 1, 2011 /

An attempt to be one of the leaders in the field of ICT applications and digital service concepts in 2015. How does this effect the cooperation between government, notaries and the Dutch Cadastre? This article successively describes the development of the digital service concepts in time (Chapter 1), Authentic Registers[1] in general (Chapter 2), linking the […]

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