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1st CROBECO II Conference: Lisbon, May 2013

May 22, 2013 /

On 22nd May 2013 Dutch notary Leo Kok successfully tested the system for electronic submission of a deed from Netherlands to Portugal. The test took place at the first CROBECO II Conference in Lisbon.

Present and future of the mortgage as security

January 1, 2013 /

Javier Gómez Gálligo Attorney, Directorate-General of Registries and Notarial Affairs Standing Member of the Codes Commission Approach The mortgage financing model is on its last legs. And it will topple unless measures are taken, and quickly, for its reform. This is not only because of the current financial crisis, which has caused credit in general […]

Interoperability solutions for land registries

January 1, 2013 /

Wim Louwman ELRA President Introduction As the European organization of Land Registers, we welcome this vision document as a good step forward. Improved awareness of the different roles of Land registers and Cadastres can increase support on the European level. Cooperation with other specialists can help each of us to find the right answers to […]

Scanning project implementation of the land registry books

January 1, 2013 /

Fikret Mehovic Advisor to de President of the Sarajevo Court Land registers are public registers which are maintained at the municipal courts level, and the Land Registry Office of the Municipal Court Sarajevo is one of the departments within the Municipal Court Sarajevo. The jurisdiction of the Municipal Court Sarajevo belongs to a total of […]

Electronic Land Register in Poland – aims, general rules and organization in terms of economic development

January 1, 2013 /

Doctor of law, member of Polish Association of Registraars in Cracow (Poland), senior registrar in Regional Court in Bialystok (Poland), lecturer of Stanislaw Staszic School of Public Administration in Bialystok (Poland).

Enriching the data from the cadastre and land registers

January 1, 2013 /

In the Netherlands, Cadastre and Landregisters are integrated. The information in the Cadastre registration is derived from the deeds in the Land Register. The Cadastre provides access to the Land Register. The registrar is responsible for as well the Land Register as the Cadastre.

Mortgage register of the Republic of Lithuania after 1 july 2012

January 1, 2013 /

Objects of the Mortgage Register contractual mortgages (pledges) Contractual mortgages (pledges) are agreements of the contractors to mortgage (pledge) immovable or movable property or property rights or unilateral application of the owner of the immovable/movable property or property rights to mortgage (pledge) it legal mortgages (pledges) Legal mortgages (pledges) are mortgages (pledges) of immovable property […]

High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina (HJPC)

January 1, 2013 /

Vision, Mission, Strategic Objectives Vision The judicial system in BiH shall be established in accordance with the European standards of independence, accountability, efficiency and quality. All citizens in all parts of BiH shall have equal access to the judicial system. The citizens shall have trust in judges and prosecutors and they will know for a […]

XVI ELRA Assembly

December 4, 2012 /

Hosted by Scotland House, the XVI ELRA General Assembly took place in Brussels on Tuesday 4th December 2012. The General Assembly was attended by representatives from the 30 ELRA member associations of 23 EU Member States and, on this occasion, the Polish Association of Land Registrars became a new ELRA member. In addition, ELRA welcomed […]


September 28, 2012 /

CINDER CONGRESS Last week, ELRA took part in the XVIII CINDER Congress in Amsterdam, which was inaugurated by the European Commission Vice-president Mr Joaquín Almunia, whose speech made a general analysis of the current situation that is affecting the European Union members, pointing out the important measures and reforms that are being implemented.  The congress […]

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