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New General Director in Romania

August 1, 2012 /

APPOINTMENT OF A NEW GENERAL DIRECTOR AT THE NATIONAL AGENCY FOR CADASTRE  AND LAND REGISTRATION (ANCPI) OF ROMANIA:  Mr. MARIUS ARTHUR URSU   Mr Ursu is a geodetical engineer and has graduated from the Faculty for Cadastre and Geodesy of the University of Timisoara. Most of his professional career is related to the cadastral system. […]


June 12, 2012 /

ELRA and EULIS sign Memorandum of Understanding  In some of the ELRA Member States, foreigners can access land register information through the EULIS system.  EULIS (European Land Information Service) translates land register information into English, and provides an explanation.    ELRA cross-border transfers (CROBECO) will probably result in rising demands for EULIS information. This is a good […]

XV ELRA General Assembly

June 1, 2012 /

The XV ELRA General Assembly took place in Brussels on Friday 1st June 2012. The meeting was attended by the representatives from ELRA member associations and delegates from the Czech Republic, Poland and Austria, countries interested in ELRA, also participated. The Assembly was divided into two main parts: one devoted to internal matters and another […]

XIV Assembly

April 16, 2012 /

II CROBECO Conference  and  XIV ELRA General Assembly   Hosted by the Centre of Registers and Information Systems of Estonia, the  II CROBECO Conference and the XIV ELRA General Assembly took place in  Tallinn on 1st and 2nd December 2011.   CROBECO Press Release   European Property Rights and Wrongs by Diana Wallis MEP and Sarah Allanson   Presentations:  […]

Land Registry Portal in Estonia

September 9, 2011 /

From May, registration applications will be electronically submitted via a new Land Registry portal.

ELRA at the European Parliament

June 29, 2011 /

Last 14th June, ELRA was invited to attend a Seminar hosted by the ALDE group and Ms. Diana Wallis, MEP, at the European Parliament in Brussels.

EU pilot scheme guarantees legal certainty when buying property cross-border

June 15, 2011 /

EU parliament vice president Diana Wallis MEP has commended a pilot scheme that promises to end the probems experienced by expats when buying property in Spain and other EU countries. The Telegraph

XIII ELRA General Assembly

May 17, 2011 /

Hosted by Scotland House, the XIII ELRA General Assembly took place in Brussels on Tuesday 17th May 2011.

Transparency and information asymmetry in the allocation of contractual risks

January 1, 2011 /

I. Financial crisis: Lack of control? The current financial crisis gives us the opportunity to think about the role control institutions ought to have in markets. The debate between regulation and complete deregulation seems to have gone to those who uphold the need for a legal system that provides preventive security and avoids excessive risks. […]

Foreigners as real property owners in the Republic of Croatia

January 1, 2011 /

Abstract This paper analyses the legislation regulating the issue of foreign natural persons and legal entities acquiring ownership over the real property in the Republic of Croatia, especially after the legislative amendments of February 1, 2009. It also underlines certain dilemmas arising in practice because of the various interpretations of the provisions of the Law […]

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