2nd CROBECO II conference: Barcelona, May 2014

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May 15, 2014 /

On 15th May 2014, the European Land Registry Association (ELRA) organized a conference on Cross-Border Electronic Conveyancing. The conference was part of a project, known as CROBECO, aiming to enforce the recovery of foreign real estate investment in southern European countries.

To achieve that purpose a simple confidence inspiring conveyance process is introduced. Contracts of sale are executed in the native language of the foreign buyer by a notary from the native country of the foreign buyer. Contract law from the country of the foreign buyer is declared applicable to the obligations of both buyer and seller. This process asks for specialized foreign notaries, who get professional assistance from the country of the plot of land.

For the papers and presentations of the Key note speaker, Prof. Arruñada, and other speakers click on the following link

Now that real estate markets in southern Europe countries start to recover, tools to provide this assistance are most needed. The Conference held in Barcelona showed that most tools are already available and that implementation will be completed before the end of the year.



1. Wim Louwman_Aim and progress of CROBECO project

2. Maria Jose Cobos_The Spanish helpdesk to assist foreign notaries

3. Benito Arruñada_Costs & Benefits of Cross-Border Electronic Conveyancing

4. Bram Akkermans_Reliability of CROBECO process

5. Mireia Artigot-Golobardes_Consequences of the European Certificate of succession for CROBECO buyers

6. Joaquim Forner_The conflict of laws in cross border conveyancing

7. Filomena Gaspar Rosa_CROBECO progress in Portugal

8. Andrew Johnson_Findings of testing the helpdesk system

9. Remus Dovianus_Findings of testing the helpdesk system

10. Esther Nin: Spanish Mortgage loan for foreign buyers

11. Sally Osborn: Future developments in England and Wales

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