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The Closing Conference of the IMOLA II project was held in Brussels on the 18th September 2019 and brought together all the people involved in the project from its creation in 2014: ELRA members, former ELRA´s Presidents, academics from the Universities of Maastricht, Trento and Carlos III of Madrid, Judges from different European countries and representatives from the European Commission.

The main objectives of the conference were to introduce the proof of concept of the ELRD, enriched with I.KOS metadata, executed in 3 different Land Registries in EU, testing their alignment with the ISA Core Vocabularies, within the framework of the Land Registry Interconnection project aiming an EU Land Registers harmonized information.

This proof of concept was extended to IMOLA KM browser, a web service that will facilitate the access into the I.KOS metadata from e-Justice Portal and the IMOLA virtual training ad e-learning platform.

In the opening session, the three ELRA Presidents involved in the IMOLA project had the opportunity to share their visions.

Jesús Camy, IMOLA II Project Manager, Anabel Fraga, Technical Director, explained the IMOLA II developments and overall management vision in a joint presentation.

Jorge López and Mihai Taus, Coordinators of Work Stream 1 (Creation IMOLA I.KOS) and Work Stream 2 (Technical Development), Professor Juan Llorens, from the Carlos III University of Madrid, and Gabriel Sima, Land Registry Interconnection (LRI) project manager from the DG Justice, also participated in this section focused on the IMOLA II final results and the state of play of  LRI project respectively.

ELRA had the honor to welcome Professor Elena Ioriatti, from the University of Trento, who made an approach from the Comparative Law, and Professor Sjef van Erp, from the University of Maastricht, who explained the tokenization of immovable property.

The representatives from the European Commission explained the project from a European perspective. Gosta Petri, DG Justice and Consumers, focused on the e-Justice and the LRI, Hrvoje Grubisic, Secretary of the European Judicial Network from DG Justice, talked about the access to information and justice in the context of interconnected registers and access to harmonized data sets, and Fidel Santiago, from DG for Informatics, explained the e-Government Core Vocabularies & the ELRD.

Then, a practical session “proof of concept” took place. The ELRD was presented, as well as a test alignment with ISA and the access to web service information from the e-justice platform.

The afternoon session was devoted to the ELRN in the framework of the European Judicial Network studies. Paula Pott, Portuguese contact point from the EJN, presented the use of the ELRD for the European Certificate of Succession. Besides, the European Land Registry Network Contact Points from Portugal, Latvia, Croatia and Malta shared their experiences with the IMOLA II project.

The conference finalized with the delivery of one of the main outputs, IMOLA II e-book, in which all the experts involved in the project (registrars of the ELRN, EU judges, academics from various universities and representatives of the European Commission) participated, as well as with the Diploma Awarding Ceremony to all Contact Points participating in the five IMOLA Training Seminars.





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