LR Unit (Section A)

Land registry organized under the personal folio criteria

1. Is it possible to present the information, referred to a single immovable property? If yes, how? Which is the connecting factor? Please describe into detail.

Yes,  the connecting factor is the cadastral parcel. The system allows asking information primary concerning the person, secondly concerning some particular asset.

2. With regard to a certain immovable asset, could all available information (contracts, et cetera) be presented? Could you please describe what information can be presented and what (possibly) can not be presented?

Since the year 2000 all deeds concerning immovable property transactions among living persons are gathered electronically. Earlier they were entirely transferred manually. Due to the format of the register, copies are difficult to take.

3. Please explain the main obstacles and/or opportunities to adapt the land registry information to a scheme based on the immovable asset.

Mortgage law explicitly describes the personal system. Anyway, right now there is no intention, to change the system.

4.- If you think a different scheme is possible, could you please describe your proposal(s)?

It surely is possible to set the person (or company) as prior search criterion and as a second criterium the deeds concerning immovable property in which his/her name is present.

However the electronically gathered data concerning identification of property (cadastral number also) are not sufficiently controlled and unique to use them on a simple demand, as certified information.

When information is asked we always start with persons, for whom we have a unique identification system. Next we give information around all deeds that might concern this person, given a certain immovable property, since the identification of the property is not unique.

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