Answers Contact Points

1. Which agency/government body/authority is responsible for land registration?

2. If the responsibility for property registration is dealt with by an agency/authority, to which government department is it responsible to?

3. How is the organization managed?

–    How is the agency/government body/authority funded?
–    Is there a Chief Executive/Head of the organization?
–    If so, is he/she supported by a senior management team/structure?
–    How long is the Chief Executive Officer’s term of appointment?
–    How often do changes arise in the senior management team structure?

4. Describe the organisational framework

–    How is it deployed within the state territory?
–    Is there one central service or is the organization divided into territorial units?
–    If divided, does each unit have exclusive competence?
–    Is there a centralised database?

5. How is the agency/government body/authority funded?

–    Is it self-financing? If so, and excess of income over expenditure occurs, is that income retained by the agency?
–    Or if not self financing, is it financed directly from Government through the annual budgeted allocation for each department/agency?

6. Are the staff of the agency/government, department/authority civil servants?

–    If so, are staff permanent or a combination of permanent/temporary positions?
–   Who has the responsibility for hiring of staff to be assigned? Is it through a central Government recruitment agency or hired directly by the agency/authority according to demand for services?
–   Are any of the land registration services contracted out? If yes, please state which services and type of service provider.

7. Who is responsible for cadastral/mapping information? Is it the same organisation or a separate agency/department?

8. What are the principal functions of the registering department/agency/authority?

9. What are the key values/principles underpinning registration of title in your system?

10. What registration system of property do you have in your country (title/deed)?


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