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It’s an approach about the recommendable first contact with Land Registries for purposes of transactions on properties, a first explanation about the Land Register information that parties must take into account before holding mortgages or sales of properties, in order to ascertain if their legal status coincides with the deeds or situation as the seller or mortgagor has told: if it’s compulsory or merely convenient, what it is (what indications related to description, ownership or burdens comprise), which are the people entitled to apply or request it.

1. In your system, before granting a deed for sale or mortgage, is it compulsory, necessary or convenient to get information from the Land Registry?

2. What type of information is requested?

a.    Title or deed of the registered owner.
b.    Information about the status of the property as for ownership and encumbrances
c.    A certificate or excerpt whose elements are governed strictly by Law.
d.    Other.

3. Who usually (or legally) deals with requesting this LR information? Public notaries? Solicitors? Interested parties themselves? Banks?


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