5. Stakeholders in property registration

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This section identifies the main stakeholders in property registration; it seeks to identify the types of interested users of land registry information that may have a use for that information other than its most common use i.e. identifying ownership of land or burdens that affect it prior to a sale or mortgage. It also looks access to land registry information.

1. Who are the main users of property information?
–    Professional users
–    Licensed conveyancers
–    Banks/financial institutions
–    Personal applicants
–    Citizens seeking to establish property information
–    Historical/genealogical researchers
–    Other Government Departments/Agencies
–    Re-use of public sector information providers
–    Other-specify

2. How is land registry information stored? Is it in electronic or paper format?

3. How is that information obtained?

4. Is the register open to the public?

5. If not, in what circumstances is access to title information granted?

6. Is there a fee for the information?

7. What information is provided on the register?

8. If more information is available “off register” in what circumstances can it be accessed?

9. Is any information provided free of charge?

10. Is it available online?

11. How is payment made?

12. How long does it take to receive property information?

13. If a paper/certified copy of title information is required, how long does it take to issue?

14. Is the information linked to a map?

15. How is the map accessed-at the same time as the request for title information?

16. What other services are provided by your organisation
For example, project management for registration of state owned property/local councils, other departments, users of public sector information, external training and professional development.

17. What other uses are being made, if any, of information held on the register?

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