2. Applicable Law


It is widespread the idea of condominium as kind of ownership which involves rights on communal elements, but there are many differences among the European systems.

Then, it’s relevant to get an approach for each legal system. Ownerships of the building site, the construction or building and apartments or flats may belong to the same title holders or to different ones

Different legal arrangements of condominium and law applicable are pointed.

1. In your national system, do you have an arrangement which broadly follows that description? If so, what is it called in your language(s)? Please describe it in this factsheet.

2. If your national system does not have an arrangement like that, or if it does, but also has a different arrangement which is commonly used to govern the ownership of apartments, please also describe, in this fact sheet, the arrangements commonly used.

3. In your national system, which laws or regulations rule the arrangements you describe (or are relevant for them)?

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