Precautions when opening a new land registry file

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1. Are there any special precautions at the land registry services in order to avoid errors when opening a new file?

No, since it has mainly a publicity role. A file too much opened is better than one too less in that assumption. If disputes occur it is to the court anyway to decide.

2. If an error occurs and a land registry file describes the same immovable for a second time, what is legally determined to do?

For the land registry itself there is no problem. But for the proof property the date of registration is important. The beneficient of the first registered deed becomes the owner. The other on can only claim for indemnisation.

Is there a different procedure depending on whether the new file repeats totally a previous file or only a part of a previous file?

No, every deed is registered in the same way

3. Once the error is identified what happens to the rights and the charges registered in both files? And what about subsequent entries?

We work the”Blockchain” way. An error never causes changes of a former registration. It creates a new situation (perhaps identical to a former one). But the former one does not disappear.

4. Is there any internal (intra-system) land registry procedure to solve this sort of problem or does it require judicial intervention?

The registration and changes after errors can be solved by a repairing notary deed. In case of disagreement between parties, a court’s decision is necessary.

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