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1. LR territorial organisation. In your LR system, applications of registrations or documents for registration must be presented, lodged or taken to:

Documents must be presented and applications must be addressed to the territorially competent Land Registry.

 2. Please, indicate those means whereby one can present applications or documents in your LR Offices and point the main features.

Documents are normally presented in person (the clerk of the notary is a very regular visitor): the Land Registry is near-by (10-20 kilometres).

Fax was used and e-mail is used to get and provide information.

The digital copy of the notarial act cannot be lodged, yet.

3. Does the fact of the presentation of the document (or application for registration) lead any type or entry or annotation in the LR Office books?

The applications are entered in a register of entries, as they arrive in the Land Registry. The position in the register of entries could be important to decide matters of priority.

4. In case of presentation based on temporary or provisional entries, please point specifically deadlines of them and also main features.

5. Is the payment of taxes a necessary condition or prerequisite for making the registration?

The transfer tax must be paid in the tax office of Patrimonial Documentation. In practice this (still) happens before the application for registration in the Land Registry. In the (recent) past, the prior payment of the transfer tax was a condition for the acceptance of the application for registration; but this is no longer the case: the former rule was abolished.

6. Is it possible to digitally submit documents to the land registry? Are there any restrictions with regard to the type of document that can be digitally submitted or is digital submission possible for all types of documents?

Yes. Either the data are directly transmitted electronically from the database of the notary either they are presented as a PDF

  • Which form of submission is used more frequently – digital or non-digital? If possible, could you please provide an indication in percentages?

Digital. Practically 100% for notary deeds, 95% over all.

7. Are there any restrictions to the digital submission of documents? For example, is it necessary that the person offering the document for registration has a validated digital signature?

Only notaries do. Since only authentic deeds can be registered in Belgium, this means the vast majority. A digital signature is demanded.
The system works in co- operation with the union of notaries

8. Is it still possible to submit paper documents to the land registry?

Yes. But very limited

9. Is it cheaper/more expensive to offer paper documents to the land registry? Could you provide a price indication for the registration of a deed of transfer (both digital and on paper)?

Same price.

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