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1. Who are the main users of property information?

  • Professional users
  • Licensed conveyancers
  • Banks/financial institutions
  • Personal applicants
  • Citizens seeking to establish property information
  • Historical/genealogical researchers
  • Other Government Departments/Agencies
  • Re-use of public sector information providers
  • Other-specify

All the aforementioned, except re-use PSI providers (re-use is not (yet) in operation for the land register).

2. How is land registry information stored? Is it in electronic or paper format?

Electronic and paper.

3. How is that information obtained?

The Land Registrar provides the information asked for.

4. Is the register open to the public?

Yes (no privacy or data protection issues).

5. If not, in what circumstances is access to title information granted?

Not applicable, see answer 4.

6. Is there a fee for the information?


7. What information is provided on the register?

Essentially, the summary and the full contents of the deeds and information on pending claims concerning the registered deeds.

8. If more information is available “off register” in what circumstances can it be accessed?

9. Is any information provided free of charge?

Information to other government bodies is, in principle, free of charge.

10. Is it available online?

Not yet.

11. How is payment made?

To the Land Registrar.

12. How long does it take to receive property information?

If the person demanding the information needs the information urgently: about a week.

13. If a paper/certified copy of title information is required, how long does it take to issue?

See answer 12.

14. Is the information linked to a map?

Indirectly, yes: in the notarial act the plot of land is identified by the cadastral number and this is linked to the cadastral map.

15. How is the map accessed-at the same time as the request for title information?

See answer 14.

16. What other services are provided by your organisation

No other services are provided.

17. What other uses are being made, if any, of information held on the register?

The information is used for all kinds of statistics.

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