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What is the status of the Land Registrar in your country:

a) Who is responsible for performing the act of registration of property rights?

Formerly it was the land registrar. Since 2016 it is the person appointed by the state, being the manager of the local office

b) In case of doubt/appeal, who decides? c) Must he/she have a legal educational background?

Formerly it was the land registrar himself. He had legal background by experience and or degree
Now the manager, not necessary has legal experience and the final decision is taken by a legal expert at provincial level. He/she has legal background as a civil servant of the highest rank . He/she normally has to have a university degree

d) Could you characterize the act of registration as a purely administrative duty or a quasi-judicial one?

In a deed system it is merely an administrative duty .

e) Is the Land Registrar independent in his/her decision making? If yes, how does your legal system assures such functional independence (i.e. the decisions are only challenged before a court).

Formerly he/she was independent and fully reliable. Now he/she acts as a civil servant with final responsibility for the state

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