Process of Registration

The Land Registries are included in all proceedings related to properties from the outset of the proceedings since it is these offices that issue the Land registry extracts, which represent the only document that proves the right of ownership, and the offices also act in the final phase-registration.

All actions in the process of registration are done electronically.

Processing of application/ is the same for all types of registration and the stages during the process are also the same.

Once the application for registration is submitted and received it is distributed to land registry clerks who pass the decisions and handle registration in the land register.

During the process of registering the registration application is supplemented with documents justifying the application. Such a request is received and awarded a DN number.

Head of the Land Registry assigns cases to land registry clerks.

On the basis of documents attached to the application and the situation in the land register the land registry clerks make decisions and perform registration in the land register.

Decision on registration containing a note on available legal remedies is delivered to the parties.

Entries that are made in the land register are as follows:

  • Pre-registration/conditional temporary registration of property rights that is to be justified and confirmed with subsequent final entry
  • Annotations-enrollment of certain facts and circumstances which may effect the disposition of real property
  • Registration as the final entry of rights to real property that ensures unconditional rights to property, rights to transfer of property or restrict property rights.

All types of registration take one to three days from the date of application, providing that the submitted application is complete.

All decisions are made independently by persons who meet the professional qualifications required to perform the duties of Land Registry Officer.

Land Registry Officers are persons with a law degree who have passed national examination for land registry clerks that is taken before a panel of the Federation BiH Ministry of Justice.

Decisions made have legal/judicial function, and every decision can be appealed in which case the decision on the appeal shall be made by Cantonal Courts.

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