Stakeholders in property registration

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The main users of property information are citizens as the most numerous users but it does not exclude the importance of property information used by government institutions and agencies, public companies, banks, notaries, lawyers etc.

At this point, the land registry data is stored in electronic form. It has been transferred from the old hand-written books.

The land registers are open to the public. Insights into the land registration data and verbal information are free, while the written notifications, certificates and land registry extracts are charged via court tax stamps or payments made on the Canton’s public revenue account.

Information from individual land registries within the Federation BiH was available online, but due to transition of Land Registries to a new software program e-grunt the information is no longer available online. The reason for the unavailability is the lack of funds within the Federation Ministry of Justice and Administration.

Verbal information, insights into the land registration records, land registry extracts and certificates are available immediately upon request, and specific written information is available within seven days following the submission of the application.

Issuance of certified copies of documents also requires up to seven days.

Information from the Land Registry is not associated with a map. Copies of cadastral maps are issued by cadastral services operating in the municipalities in which the property is located.

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