Applicable Law

1.    In your national system, do you have an arrangement which broadly follows that description? If so, what is it called in your language(s)? Please describe it in this factsheet.

In the Republic of Croatia, there is condominium (etažno vlasništvo) as a specific form of co-ownership. A condominium unit owner – condominium unit being an apartment, business premises, an individual garage or a garage parking space – is the only owner of the separate part, as well as the co-owner of the whole real property, building and land (cadastral parcel) where the building is located, in relevant co-ownership share. Condominium exists in apartment buildings, where there are several individual units – apartments or business premises, or combinations of apartments, business premises, garages or garage parking spaces.

2.    If your national system does not have an arrangement like that, or if it does, but also has a different arrangement which is commonly used to govern the ownership of apartments, please also describe, in this fact sheet, the arrangements commonly used.

In the Republic of Croatia, there are no other condominium arrangements

3.    In your national system, which laws or regulations rule the arrangements you describe (or are relevant for them)?

Condominium is regulated by the Law on Ownership and Other Property Rights, registration of condominium units in the land registry is regulated by the Law on Land Books. These regulations are available in English on the web-site on the Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia.

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