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In the Republic of Croatia there is no legal provision legally binding the parties to, before applying for a loan or during a real property purchase, request the data from the land registers.

However, any average citizen wishing to purchase a real property or rather to burden its real property with a mortgage, consults, before concluding a contract, the land registers by asking for extracts from the land registers (issued by the corresponding land registration courts) or consulting the land registers over the internet.

Since the land registers are public registers, nobody can invoke during the transactions his/her lack of familiarity with the records of the land registers.

An extract is requested from the land registers to find out the real property owner, whether there are any encumbrances over the real property, whether the owners has any limitations in disposing with the real property (custody, minority, bankruptcy of a legal entity, etc.).

The content of a land registry extract is detailed in the Land Registration Rules of Procedure, and after the introduction of computers, a land registry extract template is stored in the database.

The information from the land registers are, first and foremost, requested by the interested parties but also by the lawyers, public notaries, banks, insurance companies and State bodies.

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