1. What is the primary legislation governing registration of title in your system?

The authority for the system of land registration is the Land Registration Act 2002. The authority for the system of Land Charges is the Land Charges Act 1972. The authority for the system of Agricultural Credits is the Agricultural Credits Act 1928.

2. Are there specific rules and forms for registration directly provided for in statute under secondary legislation?

Yes. Detailed rules including forms relating to each type of registration are set out in secondary legislation (statutory instruments) made under each of the Acts. The main rules are the Land Registration Rules 2003, the Land Charges Rules 1974, and the Agricultural Credits Regulations 1928.

3. How often do changes arise in property/conveyancing legislation and registration legislation respectively?

Land Registration Rules are amended from time to time to take account of changes in law and practice. These can affect conveyancing practice. Property/conveyancing legislation changes rarely, although legislation relating to leases changes regularly. Conveyancing practice changes slowly, unless required by statute or by the statutory regulators.

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