The entries receive the order which corresponds to the temporal order of submission of applications. If several entries are made in different divisions of the same register part on the same day the applications for which were not submitted concurrently, a notation is ex officio entered in the column for amendments so that an entry made on the basis of an application submitted later ranks lower than an entry made on the basis of an application submitted earlier. The ranking of the making of the entries can be specified by the persons concerned.

Registration of an application does not prevent from registering other documents. There is no possibility that a document presented later may go ahead or prevail in priority rather than other documents presented earlier.

If several registration applications are submitted for one immovable and if the application bound to an impediment or an application precluding the registration is registered in the Land Registry journal earlier, a preliminary notation or an objection concerning the entry applied for in the application which was submitted earlier shall be entered ex officio in the column provided for the entry in the Land Registry prior to making the entry on the basis of the application received later. The preliminary notation or objection must be ex officio deleted when the entry bound to the impediment is made or the appeal against court ruling is dismissed or denied.

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