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1. With respect to the registration of the apartments of the condominium: are there any specific formal characteristics of the registration related to the condominium or any characteristics that indicate that such apartments are subjected to a condominium, such as a formal statement, a number or other sign in the condominium or the corresponding share related to each apartment?

2. Anyway, does registration of the apartment include the share of the apartment related to the global condominium?

3. What type of relationship is there between the registration of the building and the registrations of the apartments? Are the building and the apartments in absolutely separated registrations, with no connection at all?

4. Which physical data of the apartments are usually collected in the registration to describe the property? (Floor or storey where located, surface, boundaries, access, rooms, postal address, cadastral code).

5. If registrations in your system refer to a plan or to the cadastral map, how (if at all) does the plan show the position (horizontal and vertical) of the apartment within the building?

Only ownership to a real estate and contractual rights to use a real estate owned by another person are registered in the Finnish Land Register.

Hence, neither apartments nor ownership to apartments in a building or buildings owned by a limited liability housing company are registered in the Land Register.

The Board of Directors shall maintain a share register containing e.g. information on the apartments in the building or buildings owned by the limited liability housing company in question and ownership information with regard to said apartments.

The Articles of Association shall contain information on the location of each owner apartment on the real estate or in the building, its identifying number or letter, purpose of use, number of rooms in the apartment and information on share or shares (share group) that confer the right of possession to each owner apartment, identified by means of the order number.

The Finnish Population Register Centre maintains a Building and Dwelling Register (BDR). The information in the Building and Dwelling Register is maintained and checked in close cooperation with the municipal building supervision authorities and the local land survey offices.

For example the following information about buildings and construction projects is contained in the Building and Dwelling Register:

  • real estate and building code;
  • addresses of the building;
  • location coordinates;
  • municipal sub-area;
  • name and address of the owner;
  • type of owner (for example natural person, company, municipality or state);
  • planning situation when building permit was granted (for example master plan, building plan or no plan);
  • site ownership status (owner-occupied or rented);
  • size (for example gross floor area and number of storeys);
  • facilities (for example elevator, sauna or swimming pool);
  • year of construction;
  • purpose of use (for example detached house, terraced house, block of apartments, summer cottage or school);
  • network connections (incl. sewerage, water and electricity);
  • building permits granted;
  • contact details of those granted building permits;
  • construction and facade material (for example wood, concrete or glass);
  • method of heating (for example oil, electric or wood heating);
  • fuel (for example oil, electricity, wood or geothermal energy);
  • number of apartments; and
  • residents in the building.

In addition, for example the following information about apartments is contained in the Building and Dwelling Register:

  • apartment code;
  • floor area;
  • tenure status (owner-occupied or rented);
  • occupancy status (for example inhabited or
  • uninhabited);
  • number of rooms and type of kitchen;
  • facilities (for example sauna or balcony); and
  • habitants of the apartment

The Building and Dwelling Register does not contain any actual maps or plans with regard to buildings and/or apartments in such buildings. Such maps and plans, whether or not referred to in said register, can be obtained from the municipal building supervision authorities.

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