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An excerpt of  register map (in Finnish) and  cadaster information sheet (in Swedish)  to show that we use either Finnish or Swedish.


1. Description:

The excerpt shows:

a) The localization of the plot or real estate
b) Surface in square meters and boundaries
c) Land use (some planned land use information is included but not comprehensively)
d) Registry data
e) The graphic information associated to the LR information (map) is produced by the NLS of Finland (i.e. all in the same organization)

2. Condominium or not.

According to law a condominium (and building) is considered to be as a part of real estate as in Sweden even if the Finnish system itself is a little bit different in this respect.

3. Degree of legal protection of the physical data.

Data in the Cadastre concerning physical features of the property (data on physical and other dimensions of the real estate) is given legal protection according to the Real Estate Register Act and Tort Liability Act. The State, or in some cases municipality, shall pay indemnification for damages caused by erroneous information in the Cadastre. Prerequisites for compensation are stated in the above-mentioned Acts (see especially section 11 in the Real Estate Register Act).

5.  Is the information of this section integrated in/ provided by/ identical to/ coordinated with the cadastre information?

As told above the information of LR and Cadastre information are integrated in the same Land Information System (LIS)


1.    The matrimonial regime which involves this property.
The matrimonial regime which involves property is not known in the Finnish system

2.    Trustee or mortgagee in case of fiduciary mortgage.
Same with a Trustee or Mortgagee in case of fiduciary mortgage.

3.    Acquisition title. Date of acquisition
Acquisition of title and date of acquisition are presented


The Finnish Mortgage System is mainly equal to Swedish Mortgage System even if don´t yet have possibility to an Electronic Mortgage Certficate (It´s coming next year) Consequently also our system is different from mortgage systems in most other countries.

The amount of the mortgage (liability) is on the certificate (excerpt) and NLS of Finland does not examine any claims attached to the mortgage.

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