Previous LR Information

1. In your system, before granting a deed for sale or mortgage, is it compulsory, necessary or convenient to get information from the Land Registry?

It is not compulsory by law to get information from the Land Registry, in view of and before a sale or a mortgage. However, it is considered not only convenient but also necessary for the interested parties to receive such prior information in order to have a clear image of the legal situation of the property.

2. What type of information is requested?

First of all, the interested party can get a copy of the title registered. All titles registered are kept at the Land Registry in paper form and anyone invoking legitimate interest can ask for a certified copy.

At a second level, the interested party can conduct an on the spot title search in the land books of the Land Registry in order to have a clear image of the general legal situation of the property in question (ownership and encumbrances).

Finally, the interested party can apply for specific certificates and excerpts which are issued by the Land Registrar and have specific content provided by the law. The content of these certificates and excerpts is further explained in the Land Registry Publicity Fact Sheet.

3. Who usually (or legally) deals with requesting this LR information? Public notaries? Solicitors? Interested parties themselves? Banks?

Solicitors, public notaries, bailiffs and also interested parties themselves deal with requesting LR information. Usually it is solicitors who request such information prior to transactions, since they bear responsibility for the good standing of the titles of ownership.

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