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What is the legal value of land registry information delivered by your national system?

Certified information. Is the LR information partly or completely certified? If partly, could you please describe what specific information is certified?

Non certified information

A certified copy of the folio can be ordered on application at the public counter, by post or by applying on line on payment of the prescribed fee.  Certified copy folios are available with or without maps (title plans). Any person can inspect the register on payment of prescribed fee and a plain copy uncertified which has no legal value of a folio may be obtained.

When a copy folio is obtained (either certified or uncertified) it contains the following information i.e. there are three parts to a folio; Part 1 provides the details of the property. These include description, location, land registry plan reference and also any rights that attach to the property. Details of property that has been transferred from the folio are also contained in Part 1. Part 2 contains details of the registered owners and the quality of the title and would also include any cautions or inhibitions registered against the property. Part 3 contains details of all burdens registered against the property. These would include mortgages, rights of way, fishing and sporting rights etc.

If a map (title plan) is also requested it will show Original Ordnance Survey detail with the subject of the folio delineated thereon The boundary is not conclusive i.e. it is not guaranteed by the State.

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