1. Sort of registrations or records. Please, describe your LR system criteria regarding the type of registration applied.

The register comprises of three sections Part (1) Description, Part (2) Ownership and Part (3) Burdens such as mortgages and other encumbrances. The original deeds of transfer and forms required for registration are filed on completion in the LR and are not open to public inspection. The Register itself is open to public inspection on payment of a prescribed fee.

2. Deadlines for registration. Must land registrars or LR offices make the registrations or entries requested within deadlines? Please, if applicable indicate which are.

There are no deadlines for registration in Land Registration Rules. However, turnaround times are carefully monitored by senior management.

3. Registration fees. Please, describe the main features of payment of LR fees. If you find it useful, suggest an example of registration fees of a sale of a property valued in € 100.000 and if it’s possible a mortgage.

Land registration fees are prescribed and new fees will commence 1st December 2012. Fees for transfer are based on scale according to the price paid in the deed of transfer. Under present fees order, a sale of a property costing €100,000 with a charge would attract a fee of €375 for the transfer and €125 for the charge, €500 in total. From 1st December 2012, the fee for the same transaction will increase to cost €775.

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