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Are Land Registry and Cadastre different institutions?
See below for a reply.

The Land Registry Map:
The Land Registry maintains a general and/or index map that records the position and extent of every registered property. The Land Registry map is based on the Ordnance Survey (OSi) map for the State and the map scales adopted for any specified area are those which the Authority may direct. (See Section 84 of the Registration of Title Act, 1964 as substituted by Section 61 of the Registration of Deeds and Titles Act, 2006).

Every applicant submitting a map for registration purposes is under legal obligation to furnish sufficient information thereon to enable the lands to be accurately shown on the Registry map. (See Section 85 of the Act of 1964 as substituted by Section 62 of the Act of 2006).

The Boundary System:
The boundary system adopted under the Registration of Title Act, 1964 is known as a non-conclusive boundary system.

The non-conclusive provision dispenses with the need for determining the exact location of title boundaries when defining the extent of registered properties and the ownership of the physical features which mark the limits of a property is left undetermined. In the case of boundaries located within buildings, the exact line or plane of the title boundary is also left undetermined.

The non-conclusive boundary system will not indicate whether a title boundary includes a hedge or a wall and ditch or runs along the centre of a wall or fence or runs along its inner or outer face or how far it runs within or without it or whether or not the land registered includes the whole or any portion of an adjoining road or stream.

However, the location of the physical features within which the title boundary lies, or the points between which an undefined title boundary runs, must be accurately defined on the application map.

If the answer to the first question was negative and both institutions are integrated in the same department or agency, so they provide a unified service:

What information is the responsibility of the Cadastre?

Ordinance Survey is Mapping Agency of the State.

What information is contained in the Registry?

Description of property, ownership, mortgages, all other burdens capable of registration such as other charges and interests.

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