Land registry organized under the personal folio criteria

1. Is it possible to present the information, referred to a single immovable property? If yes, how? Which is the connecting factor? Please describe into detail.

Thanks to the computerization, it is possible to make inspections using the cadastral code as a key. The system gives back a list of all the formalities concerning the requested property; the user has to choose the formalities of interest and then can get a complete copy of them.

2. With regard to a certain immovable asset, could all available information (contracts, et cetera) be presented? Could you please describe what information can be presented and what (possibly) can not be presented?

The available information resulting from the formalities are the following:

  • Transcriptions: deeds transferring property, transferring, constituting or modifying property rights and other rights in rem, judicial decisions, foreclosures, seizures and judicial claims;
  • Inscriptions: Mortgages;
  • Annotations: any modification in the previous formalities

Information about “personal” restrictions on the power of disposal may not be presented

3. Please explain the main obstacles and/or opportunities to adapt the land registry information to a scheme based on the immovable asset.

In Italy a project, called “Anagrafe Immobiliare Integrata” (Integrated Real Estate Register), is currently in progress aiming at providing an integrated information that include the data coming from both the Land Registers and the cadastral archives.

When this project will be completed, it will be possible to get for each property an information sheet including all the data managed by Agenzia delle Entrate, including the cadastral maps.

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