Presentation of applications

1. LR territorial organisation. In your LR system, applications of registrations or documents for registration must be presented, lodged or taken to:

The Italian LR system is territorially organised in 138 L.R. districts.

There are different rules depending on the fact that the applicant is a Notary or not:

a) Notaries are obliged to submit applications for registration (notations) through the web channel using a specific procedure named UNICO. Currently, related deeds and documents for registration must be presented, lodged or taken to Units or Land Offices in which LR organisation is divided. But 17 offices are testing a full on line transmission, based on advanced electronic signature, that will be operational for all the national territory as from September 2012.
b) The other public officers have to submit both applications and deeds or documents at the counters of the competent office.
c) Of course, nothing prevents parties from submitting applications, deeds and documents by themselves with the same rules provided for public officers different from Notaries.

You can find territorially competent Land Registries at:

 2. Please, indicate those means whereby one can present applications or documents in your LR Offices and point the main features.

When, as explained above, an application or document has to be submitted at the counter, you can present it in person or by means of a representative.

Of course, they can be presented by mail. In this case their arrival time  couldn’t be so clear. So it is advisable for documents with no concerns about LR priority.

The Italian LR system doesn’t accept documents presented by e-mail or by fax.

3. Does the fact of the presentation of the document (or application for registration) lead any type or entry or annotation in the LR Office books?

When the competent office receives both the application and the related documents – via web or at the counters – the system automatically gives it a presentation number that determines the priority.

It’s important to remark that the fact of the presentation of documents does not produce an entry or a registration. It is necessary that the contents of the notations and the documents are checked, as well as the payment of the due taxes. These checks are to be carried out within the same day of presentation. If the checks are positive, the registration is made according to the priority given by the presentation number. If they are negative, the notations and the documents are returned to the applicant.

4. In case of presentation based on temporary or provisional entries, please point specifically deadlines of them and also main features.

Not applicable.

5. Is the payment of taxes a necessary condition or prerequisite for making the registration?

The payment of taxes is legally a prerequisite for making the registration.

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