Modification or dissolution of the condominium

1. Is it possible to modify the statutes of an existing condominium? If so, does the modification have to be registered in the Land Registry? Are there circumstances in which the registrar can refuse registration of the modification? If the modification is not registered, does it become operative?

2. Does your law provide a mechanism for dissolving: (a) the community or association of owners (b) the condominium arrangement? How would this be registered?

The law does not provide for the possibility of dissolution of the condominium. It only provides the possibility based on a contract to consider exclusive goods that normally are common (for example, it can be expected that the roof is owned by a single proprietor, the one of the last floor usually).

The condominium can be dissolved only in the case when the building becomes property of only one owner.

The law also provides for the possibility that, after a decision taken by the majority of owners, two parts of the building with characteristics of self-contained units can be managed in the future as two different condominiums.

Our system doesn’t provide any form of registration for these cases.


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