Presentation of applications

1. LR territorial organisation. In your LR system, applications of registrations or documents for registration must be presented, lodged or taken to:

LR system of Provincia Autonoma of Trento is territorially organised in 12 LR Offices.

Information can be obtained in any of the offices.

Application and documents must be presented at the Land Office territorialy competent.

Each LR office is in charge of holding the LR books regarding immovables which are located in its district. Applications are forwarded to the judge corresponding to that district.

 2. Please, indicate those means whereby one can present applications or documents in your LR Offices and point the main features.

Applications are presented at LR offices in person or by mail: fax and e- mail are not admitted. There is a project for the future  for presentation through electronic proceeding.

3. Does the fact of the presentation of the document (or application for registration) lead any type or entry or annotation in the LR Office books?

The application is registred in the LR Journal (Giornale Tavolare) with a progressive number (G.N.) and date and time are indicated on the application.

A temporary entry is at the same time entered in the books (piombo provvisorio). Only after the comparison of the LR legal status, the entry becomes definitive ( piombo definitivo) and this has to be done within 24 hours.

4. In case of presentation based on temporary or provisional entries, please point specifically deadlines of them and also main features.

There is a type of entry called booking prenotazione, which has the effect of registration, if subsequently justified (e.g. when the title consists of a judgment still subject to appeal).

5. Is the payment of taxes a necessary condition or prerequisite for making the registration?

Land registrar has to verify if taxes on a deed have been payed.

The payment of taxes is not a prerequisite for registration. Art. 91 of LR Law provide that registration can be done even if taxes are not paid. In this case, a copy of deed will be sent to the tax office concerned together with a copy of the LR decree.

There are also some categories of acts which are in exemption of taxes.

6. Is it possible to digitally submit documents to the land registry? Are there any restrictions with regard to the type of document that can be digitally submitted or is digital submission possible for all types of documents?

It is possible (or rather, suggested) to digitally submit applications and any kind of attached documents

  • Which form of submission is used more frequently – digital or non-digital? If possible, could you please provide an indication in percentages?
    Digital submission is a little more frequent (60% digital / 40% paper submission)

7. Are there any restrictions to the digital submission of documents? For example, is it necessary that the person offering the document for registration has a validated digital signature?

Requests and documents have to be digitally signed by the applicant (pdf or xml files).

8. Is it still possible to submit paper documents to the land registry?

Yes, but probably only until the beginning of April, 2020.

9. Is it cheaper/more expensive to offer paper documents to the land registry? Could you provide a price indication for the registration of a deed of transfer (both digital and on paper)?

Registration fees amount to 25 euros (both for digital or paper documents)

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