1. In your system, before granting a deed for sale or mortgage, is it compulsory, necessary or convenient to get information from the Land Registry?

It is not compulsory to get information from the Land Registry, but it is convenient in the interest of parties.

2. What type of information is requested?

Usually LR information is given in the form of an excerpt regarding one or more immovables; the excerpt contains information about the status of the property as for ownership and encumbrances. It reflects the legal status of property at the moment of issuing. In case there is an unsolved registred application, there will be given evidence of it on the copy through its number piombo.

3. Who usually (or legally) deals with requesting this LR information? Public notaries? Solicitors? Interested parties themselves? Banks?

Art. 7 of LR Law provides that Land Registry is public.

Anyone may apply for LR information or copies of archived documents.

All data are on digital support. Usually Public Notaries and banks obtain information through a data base called Openkat directly from their offices, whereas parties ask for it directly at the offices.

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