1. Sort of registrations or records. Please, describe your LR system criteria regarding the type of registration applied.

Sheet based on taxonomy A-B-C (A=Property; B=Ownership; C=Mortgages and other encumbrances) plus collection of copies of documents.

  • A. Contains the description of property
  • B. Name of the owner and how the parcel was acquired
  • C. Encumbrances of the property.

A particular kind of registration is provided for Condominium. There we will find as many B and C sheets as the number of apartaments  in which the condominium is divided in

2. Deadlines for registration. Must land registrars or LR offices make the registrations or entries requested within deadlines? Please, if applicable indicate which are.

It is not provided by law a deadline but it is considered better to do it as soon as possible. As already explained, parties are granted by the piombo.

3. Registration fees. Please, describe the main features of payment of LR fees. If you find it useful, suggest an example of registration fees of a sale of a property valued in € 100.000 and if it’s possible a mortgage.

At the moment of presentation of application 15 Euro cash are payed at the offices. Other registration fees such as taxes on deeds are to be considered by a different statal body called Agenzia delle Entrate.

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