1. Which agency/government body/authority is responsible for land registration?

The Servizio Libro Fondiario is responsible for land registration

2. If the responsibility for property registration is dealt with by an agency/authority, to which government department is it responsible to?

It is responsible to Provincia Autonoma of Trento and more in specific to Dipartimento Organizzazione del Personale e Affari Generali.

3. How is the organization managed?

There is a Head of the organization called Dirigente del Servizio Libro Fondiario who is supported by a team. There is not a term of appointment.

The work of everyone is periodically evaluated.

4. Describe the organisational framework:

There are 12 Land Register offices in Provincia Autonoma of Trento. Eachone is in charge of the immovables in each district and has exclusive competence.

Yes, there is a centralized database whose access is possible from any of the 12 LR offices.

5. How is the agency/government body/authority funded?

It is, as said above, an agency of the Provincia Autonoma of Trento.

Local Law 17.04.2003 nr. 3 has delegated the administrative competence in matter of Land Registry to Provincia Autonoma of Trento and Bolzano, whereas the primary legislative function is in charge of Regione Autonoma Trentino Alto Adige.

It is in part self-financing  (through fees for certificates,…) but also financed directly from Provincia Autonoma of Trento through the annual budget.

6. Are the staff of the agency/government, department/authority civil servants?

They are civil servants hired through a public procedure being Provincia Autonoma of Trento a public administration. They are  all permanent positions.

The service of microfilming acts is contracted out to privats.

7. Who is responsible for cadastral/mapping information? Is it the same organisation or a separate agency/department?

It is the Servizio Catasto, a separate organisation, also internal of Provincia Autonoma of Trento.

8. What are the principal functions of the registering department/agency/authority?


9. What are the key values/principles underpinning registration of title in your system?

  • Principle of scrizione;
  • Principle of continuità delle iscrizioni;
  • Principle of legalità;
  •  Principle of pubblica fede

10. What registration system of property do you have in your country (title/deed)?

It is a title registration system.

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