Specifics of the registration of apartments or premises that form part or a building

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1. With respect to the registration of the apartments of the condominium: are there any specific formal characteristics of the registration related to the condominium or any characteristics that indicate that such apartments are subjected to a condominium, such as a formal statement, a number or other sign in the condominium or the corresponding share related to each apartment?

In LR condominium is represented on a plan in scale where all parts of the building  are shown: the exclusive property with their intended use (kitchen, bedroom, living room…). Each unit is identified by a number, this number is indicated in each compartment, which is the single porzione materiale.

In the plan are shown as well the communal elements such as courtyards, stairs…etc. (see question 5).

2. Anyway, does registration of the apartment include the share of the apartment related to the global condominium?

No, there is not share of the apartment in relation to global condominium.

Rarely the share on communal elements is to be find in LR books

Tabelle millesimali , which represent the property total value pro quota, are an internal act of condominium, used to determine proportionally the participation in duties and benefits  and to calculate the majority in condominium assembly, but are  not registered at Land Registries.

3. What type of relationship is there between the registration of the building and the registrations of the apartments? Are the building and the apartments in absolutely separated registrations, with no connection at all?

Looking at the example under question 1 of this chapter we can understand a little bit more about relationship between building and apartments.

In A1 is shown the plot number which refers to the building

In A2 there is a detailed description of each single unit (PM) as well as the communal elements (parti comuni),

In Each B part there are data of each proprietor and in C all the charges

In common in A2 and so called C commune there are charges and rights which refer to all or part of the apartments.

4. Which physical data of the apartments are usually collected in the registration to describe the property? (Floor or storey where located, surface, boundaries, access, rooms, postal address, cadastral code).


5. If registrations in your system refer to a plan or to the cadastral map, how (if at all) does the plan show the position (horizontal and vertical) of the apartment within the building?

Herewith an example of  a plan which shows the building with all the apartments in a horizontal position.

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