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1. Enchained title and protection: Let’s suppose that someone appears as seller in a document or application for registration. However he’s not entitled to sell in accordance with the LR registration books or land books because precisely the registered owner is a different person who has nothing to do with that one. What would your LR response be?

If the seller is any other person instead of the one that is registered owner in Land Registry, the corroboration request would be rejected with the mentioned reason as the culprit. The entries in Land books can be modified by presenting a power of attorney so that the registration can be modified in the name of the owner.

2. Entitlement to alter or modify LR terms. In your LR system, the entries or registrations in the Registration books or land books on the registered properties can be modified:

In essence, to make modifications in Landbook entries, the person who requests the change has to be the owner of an immovable property or have certain rights to a property.

 3. Notifications. What sort of notifications for parties or stakeholders do LR offices deal with legally?

There are no notifications for parties or stakeholders that Land Register Offices has to deal legally with.

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