Precautions when opening a new land registry file

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1. Are there any special precautions at the land registry services in order to avoid errors when opening a new file?

A new folio always matches with corresponding cadastral number that is, in turn, always issued by State Land Service prior registration in land registry.
Therefore, a second folio can’t be opened with the same cadastral number.

Also before corroboration the judge also checks the property address to be sure that there aren’t duplicating immovables.

Because of these two measures the probability of opening two folios for the same immovable.

2. If an error occurs and a land registry file describes the same immovable for a second time, what is legally determined to do?

As explained previously, it is not possible to open two folios for the same immovable more than once.

Is there a different procedure depending on whether the new file repeats totally a previous file or only a part of a previous file?


3. Once the error is identified what happens to the rights and the charges registered in both files? And what about subsequent entries?


4. Is there any internal (intra-system) land registry procedure to solve this sort of problem or does it require judicial intervention?

If a problem of technical nature arises (wrong numbering of entries, misplaced wording) that do not affect the rights corroborated, land registry can ask Court administration as a holder of the computerized land registry to correct such errors.

This also would be done if a unnecessary folio would be opened – for it to be deleted

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