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1. LR territorial organisation. In your LR system, applications of registrations or documents for registration must be presented, lodged or taken to:

In Land Registry system in Latvia apllications of registrations (corroboration requests) must be lodged to a local Land Registry Office. There are currently 27 Land Registry Offices in Latvia.

 2. Please, indicate those means whereby one can present applications or documents in your LR Offices and point the main features.

These requests can be lodged either personally or via mail. Electronically signed documents currently are not accepted (it is possible to cancel a pledge electronically; this is only available to certain banks). Although the request can be lodged by any person, even one that is not a involved party, the Land Registry certificate and any other documents can be taken out only by the owner.

3. Does the fact of the presentation of the document (or application for registration) lead any type or entry or annotation in the LR Office books?

The application for registration leads to reservation of priority. Also a note is added to a folio in question stating, that a application of registration is presented on a certain date.

4. In case of presentation based on temporary or provisional entries, please point specifically deadlines of them and also main features.

This note stays until the judge’s decision is made. Usually it states that on a certain date a certain type of corroboration request is presented with no additional information.

5. Is the payment of taxes a necessary condition or prerequisite for making the registration?

It is a necessary prerequisite to pay both state and stamp duties before the corroboration request can be accepted in Land Registry Office.

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