1. Criteria for setting priority. How is priority established? Is priority guaranteed by the fact of presenting firstly a document against other document that is potentially incompatible?

The priority of a corroboration request is guaranteed by the fact that it is presented firstly against other request. It does cause a legal effect of preventing from registering or recording any other document related to the same property. All the documents presented to Land Registry Office are examined in chronological order according to their entries in the corroboration journal.

2. Are there any possibilities of that a document presented later may go ahead or prevail in priority rather than other documents or deeds presented earlier?

It is not possible for a corroboration request presented later to go ahead or prevail in priority versus the request lodged earlier.

3. Let’s suppose a document presented firstly that consequently holds priority but is affected by defects or lack of legal requirements. How long would it keep priority against other document presented later?

If the request presented is affected by defects or lack of legal requirements, then the Land Registry Office judge makes a decision in which the presented corroboration request is rejected.

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